We’re Prepared To Protect Your Church

Everyone thinks about insurance policies for things like homes and cars, but what about when it comes to houses of worship? If you manage a church in Illinois and are looking for comprehensive coverage, and competent advice, look to Cornerstone Risk Management. We’ve been protecting churches for over 14 years can get you a policy that will meet your needs.

We’ll Cover Your Liabilities

The fact that churches are a holy place does not mean that they are exempt from being involved in all kinds of costly lawsuits. Without the proper coverage, you could be stuck paying costly damages out-of-pocket. We’ll help you determine what kind of coverage you need to protect yourself.
we can explain the nuances of:

  • What sort of protections are there for us if we get sued?
  • How do I know if I have the right amount of coverage for my building?
  • What happens if a employee or volunteer gets hurt?
  • What other kinds of insurance should a church be concerned about that are specific to them?

Churches Need Special Coverage

Cornerstone’s agents have considerable experience handling insurance for houses of worship, so you can be sure we won’t try to force a “cookie-cutter” policy where it doesn’t belong. We can identify your risk exposures and help you figure out what you need from your policy. Your church is anything but generic, so we won’t make your insurance that way either.

At Cornerstone Risk Management, our aim is to build partnerships with our customers that will last a lifetime. Whether your church’s attendance grows so much that you need a new facility, you are considering a new ministry, or want to know what you should do when you buy a new church van, a knowledgeable agent will be there for you every step of the way to make sure you have the coverage you need. When you work with Cornerstone Risk Management, you have a partner that won’t let you down. We are passionate about churches!

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